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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arashi Shibori Dyeing 01

Well - I have seen examples of yummilicious Shibori Shawls and artefacts whilst googling for Arashi Shibori. So I came to a professional dyer's site as well, fell in unconsiousness first on the beauty and second times on her prices (Anne Selby).  She knows what she does, and she does it well, obviously, but her products are too expensive IMO.

An other site got me inspired a lot - and what she does, I want to learn, at least in parts of what I can do witout indulging 100% into the matter.
Shibori Girl 
She is more in my line of understanding the art and she really tries and tried out a lot, if you browse her site !

And I thought: well, try your paws on it - worst can be that you have to toss it in the bin of unhappy fabrics...
I am intrigued by the Fortuny-like "Plissées" which occurr whilst pushing the wrapped fabric together on the "rod" (here: bottle) and which will only live as long as the fabric stays dry. Once gotten moist, they are gone. Forever. But the beautiful color play stays !

So far I do not like the more structured patterns, which seem too abstract and  harsh to me. They may be typically Japanese, but do not appeal to my sense of color flow and overall softness.
Some look awfully like the stuff we dyed back in the 60s... and some are too coarse and "rustic" for my taste. Well - each to one's likings...

OK - so I took a large piece of Silk and folded it in half, wound it on an empty apple juice bottle (saves much money ) bound it taut with a long and sturdy linen thread and then pushhhhhhed it together hard as I could. Using rubber gloves helped a bit. I will have to improve this perhaps getting a pipe  clamp from the local DIYS shop....
 Then I put  it in the kitchen  sink and dripped soluted dyes over the "roll" from the outside to the inside. And a bit here and there. Hoping that it would gradually reach the inner layers too...

I  rinsed the bundle and put it outside for three days to dry now, dieing (!) to see the dyed effects.
This morning I could not stand it a second longer - and here are the pictures of the unwrapping.
I had expected the dyes to be softer (wanted a MOP colorplay from grey and rose and peacock - but not as vivid as it came out. Learning !) but I am happy with the Plissee and the overall feel and touch.
Threads off......

First layer ....ahhhh ! I am soo excited !
 Tell about Christmas in July !! The next pictures show the gradually un-rolling the fabric and then...shaking the pleats loose...
 I love it.....


  1. Martina!
    Congratulations to the new successful experience! Very beautiful!


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